Facts about Rms Titanic World:

I decided to create Rms Titanic World as a final project in high school in 2013 because of my great interest in the Titanic and her sister ships.
The reason why I wanted to make a website about the Titanic, even though there already existed many different websites was because I thought
they all looked the same with some exceptions, e.g the information that was available was spread over the entire website. I thought it felt "difficult"
to find what ever you wanted to know about the vessel/s. So the idea of ​​making a new website which would be easier to find what ever now you
want to know.

As I'd decided to make this website, I thought instead of doing as everyone else hade done earlier was to have all the information divided into different
pages which would make it easier to find what you wanted to know about the vessel you're intressrad in. So the choice was easy for me when I had to
choose my final project in high school. It took me about six months before I put the website online and has ever since updated it once and awhile.

Since I made the website online in July 2013, I've made a lot of updates, such as removing the background color which was a mixture of blue and green,
chose to translate the website to English, added more facts about the ships, added more questions to the quiz etc.

The updates which I will do is put up facts about other vessels such as Andrea Doria, Carpathia, Empress of Ireland, Lusitania, Mauretania and Costa Concordia.
Will also update the section where you select which language you want. A new category with a photo gallery, a list of the passengers who sat in which lifeboat,
a list of books about different vessels etc. Will also update Sources so that all those sources I've used are included.

The goal of this website is to try to have all the information about the vessels on this website. It will take me a while but I will try to get as much information
as I can. Some of the sources that I've been using is movies, documentaries, books and magazines such as All About History (swedish) etc, various websites
such as Encyclopedia-Titanica, The Great Ocean Liners, Wikipedia, etc. But I have not copied straight off but what I have done is I've contacted the owner of
the website and asked for permission to use their material before I update something, Copyright, and then I re-write it to my own.

Copyright © 2013- Rms Titanic World