Here is some websites about Titanic and Britannic which is worth checking out!

Titanic Historical Society - Website

Is an international Titanic association with a really good magazine.

Rms Titanic Inc. - Website

Those who own the Titanics wreck. Quite good museum has them too.

Titanic Stories - Website

Titanic Stories have most authentic information and experiences on the Titanic and its available on Ireland.

Titanic Research & Modeling Association - Website

On this website you can find the most detailed drawings of the ship. Perfect if you are building your own model of the Titanic.

Titanic Branson Museum - Website

One of the world's largest museum about the Titanic and it's located in the United States.

HMHS Britannic - Website

This is one of the best websites about Britannic available online.

British Titanic Society - Website

A britsh version of Titanic Historical Society.

Encyclopedia-Titanica - Website

The Internet's most famous Titanic encyclopedia. Here you can read about most of the 2,207 people aboard and everything related to the Titanic.
Here is also the world's largest Titanic forum with most active experts, Titanic enthusiasts and relatives of survivors.

Harland and Wolff - Website

The shipyard were the Olympic-class were build.

Titanic Belfast -Website

This is the world's largest museum on the Titanic.

The Great Ocean Liners -Website

A website that has a lot of information about lots of different ships and is really an interesting website.

Titanic Inquiry -Website

Here you can read about the trial after the Titanic sunk.

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