1. In which class belonged Olympic, Titanic and Britannic?
Britannic class
Titanic class
Olympic class

2. What year began with the construction of judegment this giant ships?

3. How long did it take for the Titanic to sink?
1 h 50 min
2 h 40 min
3 h 20 min

4. Which of the three ships sank?
Olympic & Titanic
Titanic & Britannic
Olympic & Britannic

5. How long did it take for the Britannic sink?
55 min
1 h 30 min
2 h 40 min

6. What year and date did you see Titanic?
July 14, 1980
April 14, 1990
September 1, 1985

7. Who found the Titanic?
Robert D. Ballard
Jack Grimm
Bill Tantum

8. How long had the Titanic been on the ocean floor before you found her?
63 years
83 years
73 years

9. How many survived the disaster?
712 persons
605 persons
699 persons

10. Who was the Titanic captain?
William Thomas Turner
Edward J. Smith
Arthur Rostron

11. Who was the Titanic's captain?
William Thomas Turner
Edward J. Smith
Arthur Rostron

12. How sank the Titanic?
Went account
Hit an iceberg
Went on another vessel

13. Who was at the ruder the night she sank?
Thomas Rowe
Edward J. Smith
Robert Hitchens

14. Who was the first officers?
William Murdoch
Charles Lightoller
James Moody

15. At what time the Titanic hit the iceberg?

16. How many lifeboats were on board?

17. What was the vessel that was closest to the Titanic when she sunk?

18. What was the vessel that was about to collide with the Titanic on her maiden voyage?
New York
Andrea Doria

19. At which harbours did she stopped by on its maiden voyage?
Cherbourg and Queenstown
Southampton and Cherbourg
Queenstown and Southampton

20. What was the rule at the time of who had to go down with the lifeboats first?
Men and Children
Women and children

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