The Idea of Three giant ships

The decision to build three colossal ship was taken in 1907 during a dinner at the home of Lord William Pirrie, chairman of Harland & Wolff. In the evening met Pirrie
Joseph Bruce Ismay, chairman of White Star Line, and President of the International Mercantile Marine (IMM), a group of companies owned by the famous American
financier John Pierpont Morgan. 1901 Morgan decided to join the growing competition between carriers for transatlantic voyages between Europe and America.
The massive wave of immigration (12 million crossed the Atlantic, only to New York, between 1892 and 1920) had made the route very profitable and superiority of
the two leading British companies was Cunard Line and White Star Line, which was already under serious threat of total German, French and Italian companies. In 1902, three years
after the death of Thomas Henry Ismay (founder of the White Star Line) decided his son Bruce to accept the offer he had received from IMM and sold the company. This
development did Cunard as the only independent British line.

The man who financed them here three vessels was John Pierpont Morgan. He who designed the Titanic was Lord Pierre, owner out of the shipyard Harland & Wolff. Row boss was
Thomas Andrews. But before we could start building them here so the ships had to redo the entire shipyard, undergoing out the old and in with the new. They had to install the new
ramps, racks, etc.. They each had to rebuild the entire shipyard to build them here three ships. As December 16, 1908 so initiated keel out Olympic. Just over three
months later, began laying the keel out of the Titanic lying next to Olympic. The vessels were riveted both manually and hydraulically.

White Star Line had done a lot of advertising for both the Olympic and the Titanic. On a poster, they played Olympic/Titanic at some of the world's highest object such as a
pyramid, Hotel Empire State Building and some other buildings. The reason why they did so was because they want to show how big their ship was

Olympic, Titanic and Britannic were built in the so-called Olympic class. It was felt that those vessels here would be those most luxurious the world has ever seen.
The vessel became best known of them here three was the Titanic which sank on its maiden voyage. Both the Olympic and Britannic served during World War I as laseret vessels.
A laseret ship is a ship that has different markings on which slaggs ship it is. Such as that Britannic was painted white with four (4) red cross on both port and starboard
which indekerade on that she was a hospital ship which had wounded soldiers brings to country and therefore did not get attacked out of enemies' ships.

The time when they built them three sisters called the Edwardian era (English: Edwardian era or Edwardian period), a period in British history that stretched
1901-1910, that is, when King Edward VII's reign lasted. Victorians Dodi January 1901, when her son Edward succeeded the throne, marked the transition
from Victorian times to the Edwardian. Often pull the boundary of the Edwardian the end slightly after the death of the king 1910, for example at the Titanic 1912
or the First World War broke out in 1914.

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