The constructon of the Titanic started March 31, 1909 (the keel laying ceremony). During the construction of the hull so died there 8 people on yard. To build the whole
Titanic, the hull itself, then, took two years and was launched May 31, 1911. During her launch had several thousand people come to see as she slides down her slipway.
After she slid down from her ramp began that decorated vessel with mats machinery machine room 1st class canteen etc. They prepared Titanic Harland & Wolff , Hotel
they worked day and night to get clearly her. It took a further year to transform Titanic to a five star hotel migratory. Titanic's maiden voyage was set March 20, 1912
but every man had to postpone it because of her sister ship Olympics collision with HMS Hawk. as date of Titanic's maiden voyage was April 10, 1912 instead.


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